Week Two - Group Discussion

Progress! -  Week to saw our groups discussing how their projects are going to move forward from ideas to realisation. This week's best piece of Blog was from Katie, Dominique, Henna, Haris and Andreas:


The Group Discussion!


Who's in our group: Katie, Dominiqúe, Henna, Haris, Andreas.


Our Question: How is flight in fiction often implausible?

How did we come to this conclusion?  The group casted a vote from all of the questions and eventually decided that this question was a bit unusual and we could make many sub questions out of the big question.


Sub questions:

  1. Why can't we fly like fictional characters such as; Superman, Spiderman and Batman?

  2. Why do fictional characters that can fly need legs?

  3. Why can fictional characters jump really high but we can't? E.g: Spring Heeled Jack and Jekyll (jekyll and Hyde)

  4. How do characters gain their abilities to fly?

  5. Why aren't some fictional animals and objects able to fly?  E.g: Pegasus, Unicorn, The car in Harry Potter, Flying Carpet in aladdin.

  6. If we have the technology then why can't we make manmade products for humans to fly like fictional characters?


Who's doing what questions?

  1. All

  2. Haris

  3. Katie

  4. Dominiqúe

  5. Henna

  6. Andreas