Week Three - Progress

We return to Wade, Nelson, Darshan, Daniel and Kieran for today's Blog:


Our Timeline Info



  1.  Firstly we will research the evolution of birds, when they evolved to have feathers and to have beaks as they evolved from lizards.-Darshan.


  1. Then, before birds actually became predators and what they were before and who they were hunted by, and even if they hunted things.-Wade.- Birds were hunted before they were predators, they were hunted by the native americans. Used for food and clothes, warmth, energy. Birds didn’t hunt anything before they became predators, unless you would count worms and bugs that they had to eat to stay alive.


  1. After that, we will research the evolution of how birds became predators and how they grew talons to not only get better grip but to also catch their prey easily.-Nelson.


  1. Then we will, find out what sort of prey that the birds have and how they eat their prey, how they kill them and how they feed their young with their prey.-Darshan.


  1. Then we will research about the wingspan of birds and how that helps them catch the different types of prey, fast or slow.-Kieran.

  2. After that we will research if flying has changed the amount, size and type of prey they catch.-Daniel.


Once we get our clay, we shall begin to build our bird as a team each individual shall have a different part and we will use our design as far as we can to have it in detail.

Now that we have our clay, we have started to build our model. Each of us have a different part in making the model. We have also started our actual display board, and are moving forward rapidly. The body, head and wings of the bird are done we just need to finish up with that and get the display board finished and then we are officially done.

We are significantly hoping that our bird model will look as good as physically possible, and that it will look somewhat close to being the same as our first design.