Securing a place at university or nailing a first job interview can be a daunting feat for teenagers.

But those at Space Studio West London – a STEM school –  were given a head start on the competition after a mock interview day organised in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London.

The invaluable day of experience was organised by Alice Crichton, Widening Access Officer at the university and Stephanie Lee, Careers Lead at Space Studio West London.

Mrs Lee said: ‘’At Space Studio West London our students are given great opportunities to gain invaluable insights into the world of work through talks, partnerships and apprenticeships.

‘’We also provide a clear path for our students who wish to go to university and ensure that they are nurtured and supported. When it comes to interviews, it’s practice that makes perfect! I had a group of students keen to practise their interview technique for universities and jobs and Alice kindly agreed to set up a workshop for us.’’

Students at Space Studio West London regularly secure places at prestigious Russell Group universities and Cambridge. Some 37% of A-level students achieved A* to A, 56% achieved A* to B and 81% secured A* to C. An equally impressive 76% of GCSE students at SSWL achieved Grade 4 or above in English and Maths with 55% gaining Grade 5 or above.

A student at Space Studio West London

The recent event saw a day filled with important information and advice about Post-18 options and careers. It also provided an informal chance for students to practise their interview techniques and skills.

Top interview prep tips

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Have a glass of water at your side,
  3. Make sure you are slightly early or on time.
  4. During, stay calm, make sure to breathe & take a few seconds to think about your answer before you respond and link your point back to the question that was asked of you.
  5. After, ask for feedback & ask questions. Make the most of the opportunity!

The feedback from students who took part has been excellent, one said: ‘’The session gave me a good simulation of what a real interview would consist of and also introducing me to questions that would be asked that I had no knowledge of prior.’’

Another reported: ‘’The interview was great and gave me a chance to experience the interview process and helped me calm my nerves. The interviewers were great and gave me some constructive feedback. Overall, it was a fantastic interview!’’

Principal Andrew Morgan
Space Studio West London

The aim of Space Studio’s pairing with Royal Holloway, which is situated in nearby Egham, Surry, is to provide greater opportunities for students to think about university or higher education.

Ms Crichton said: ‘’These kind of events allow the students to build up their confidence and take the “give it a go” approach at interviews. It’s a safe space to practise on tricky interview questions and gain really developed, useful feedback. It’s an excellent way for students to practise before a real interview, as well as finding out lots of information about their chosen path, and an opportunity to ask questions to find out more.’’



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