Subject Overview

The English Department aims to make literature a positive influence in every student’s whole life, regardless and in spite of the expectations of that life.  

English provides crucial life skills for the young people of today. We want students to thrive in all areas of life, and English enables this to happen. We provide focussed and challenging lessons where students are allowed to work in new and exciting ways. Accuracy and attention to detail are paramount; therefore we have high expectations for conduct and behaviour in every lesson. Students will be encouraged to succeed in an emotionally safe environment where they can be confident that their ideas are treated with respect.

We will overcome social disadvantage by providing literature that goes beyond what students have access to, and endeavour to help those students who are disadvantaged by providing resources that may not normally be available to them

Learners in our subject will be passionate, environmentally aware, good listeners, problem solvers and resilient. They will actively support each other in their learning and contribute to the development of all within the classroom. Students will be fair, and take feedback and improvements with consideration.  Students will become the subject specialists in the room, and independent working will allow creativity and passion to grow. It is important that learners in English do not see English as a subject in isolation, and are capable and encouraged to link English to both their other subjects and the wider world.

English teachers will model the attitudes that we expect of students. They will be active learners who constantly strive to increase the effectiveness of their skills and the depth of their knowledge. Teachers will create a community atmosphere between staff and students and the department will function as a hub of learning between teachers and teachers, and teachers and students.

Years 10 & 11

Students follow the AQA English 8700 syallabus and English Literature 8702 syllabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons per week. In Year 11 students also receive an additional one hour lesson.

Years 12 & 13

Students taking A’ Level English follow the AQA 7712 syllabus.  Students have two 2 hour lessons  and one 1 hour lesson per week and additional study periods.

Students sitting the GCSE Retake follow the new AQA  English 8700 syallabus.  Students have one 2 hour lessons per week and additional study periods.

English Year 10

English Year 11

English Year 12

English Year 13

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