Values and Ethos

Space Studio West London delivers a bold new model for ‘Scientific and Mathematical Learning’ – a dynamic mix of high quality scientific education and industry-related activity that will equip young people with the skills and qualifications they need to succeed. The aim of the school is to ensure that young people are well equipped to become skilled technicians, operators, engineers, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs in aerospace and space related industries.

Space Studio West London caters for 300 students aged 14-18 and specialises in Space, Aerospace, Science, Engineering and Maths. The Studio School offers students the opportunity to work with local, national and international experts in these fields and some exciting employers including The National Space Centre, UK Space Agency, European Space Agency, and the aerospace industry around Heathrow.

The potential of the UK space sector is considerable. The UK has 17% of the global market for aerospace; the largest aerospace industry in Europe and globally second only to the United States. The sector provides over 100,000 direct jobs and indirectly supports many more across the UK. Space Studio West London is unique in the region by combining high quality science and maths education to students of all abilities with the appropriate skills as well as embedding high aspirations, with the express focus of preparing young people for a wide range of highly successful careers in the aerospace and space industries in technical and scientific, enterprise and organisational, and food production categories.

Main Features of the School:

  • A school of up to 300 students aged 14-18
  • All students in Years 10 and 11 follow the GCSE subjects on the English Baccalaureate, taught both as individual subjects and through Project Based Learning
  • All students in Years 12 and 13 will follow at least three mainstream A level or Level 3 BTEC courses alongside real industry led project work assignments
  • Many of the assignments/projects would be commissioned by companies/agencies
  • Aspects of the curriculum will be developed and delivered by staff from the UK Space Agency, ESA and the National Space Academy programme
  • Work based learning opportunities
  • All students will develop digital portfolios of their work and would be expected to research, analyse, develop and present their findings on a regular basis
  • The Studio School will replicate a set of research buildings as opposed to a school
  • All students will have an academic and personal development tutor
  • The Studio School will operate for 41 weeks of the year, 8.30 am to 5 pm (but doors will open at 7.00 am and close at 5.00 pm)
  • Students at the Studio School will have close links and regular visits with the scientific research organisations and companies
  • The Studio School is non-selective and open to students from anywhere
  • The location of a Studio School related to aerospace technologies in West London is unique and world leading
  • The Studio School is based on the Rivers Academy West London Campus
  • It is expected that the 75 students in each year group would be drawn from the growing population in the area, from existing local secondary schools and from further afield.
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