Space Studio West London will be unlike any other school and have a distinct feel and atmosphere: its design clearly announcing its uniqueness and offering a high tech environment facilitating excellent learning and space industry experience and skills.Space Studio West London offers a unique and innovative way of learning for students. Its curriculum design is based on project-based working and close links with employers in the aerospace, space, science and technology sectors. GCSEs and A levels are partly taught through the medium of a project which answers a posed real world question, often set by our linked employers.

This approach enables in-depth learning in a dynamic, academically rigorous and collaborative way, developing skills useful in adult life, such as critical thinking, problem solving and inquiry and research.

Project-based working requires access to general study facilities, including paper-based and on-line library materials, smaller break-out spaces as well as an area which can be used for large scale presentations/assemblies/fitness activity, and an area where pupils can work with employers, and allowing employers to work remotely on their work in the Space Studio. Science laboratory facilities will be needed which can flow from biology through chemistry and physics to robotics and electronics.

The environment will emulate the work place, with ICT and mobile devices used throughout, from individual pupils building their own e-portfolio of achievements to using real-time data from orbiting satellites.

Employers will work in the Space Studio – with pupils, and on their own commercial priorities in the ‘Companies Room’. This is a flexible space for presentations and assessments of pupils, as well as having the technology to allow employers to work on-line and via visual link with their own colleagues and employees.

Learning will take place in a variety of groupings – from keynote lectures for 60 pupils to a small group of 2 working with an employer. Fitness facilities will be available. Pupils will take advantage of on-line learning packages, as well as links with pupils and staff in other Aspirations Academies nationally, and with international links.

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