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Staff list

Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Morgan Principal - Teacher (Science/Geography) - Designated Safeguarding Lead
David Booth Vice Principal - Teacher (Mathematics)
Aaron Barringer School Support Manager

Extended Leadership Team

Crispin Knill Teacher (Lead English)
Lacey Shaw SENCO - Teacher (English)
Paul Pickavance Teacher (Chemistry)


Bernice Appiah Learning Support Assistant
Dee Fernandes Student Support Manager/School Administrator
Steph Lee Careers Lead/School Support Assistant
Joe Mac'Egan Learning Support Assistant - Engineering Technician
James Pomeroy Chair of Local Advisory Board


Somaya Baskhshzaad Teacher (Mathematics)
Anawara Miah Teacher (Mathematics)
Nataliya Vanentova Teacher (Mathematics)


Fatima Bassett-Romo Teacher (Biology)
David Calender Teacher (Physics)
Lucie Goddard Teacher (Chemistry)
Divya Sudhakaran Teacher (Biology)
Maisha Uddin Teacher (Psychology)


Chris Smith Teacher (History)

Design and Technology

Louis Egbe Teacher (Lead Engineering)


Cristina Llewellyn Teacher (Computer Science/ICT)

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