The typical experience of a student in a Core Project


  • Complete academic work driven through the Core Project in a variety of ways, including individual and small group instruction, technology-driven learning, and external internships and activities
  • ‘Learn by doing’ with support from learning/personal coaching teams and advisors within a unique, science and maths-focussed setting
  • Learn in a hands-on manner, driving their own learning
  • Learn core subject content through the completion of projects using complex technology, scientific equipment and design software
  • Complete a “substantial” third project each year and maintain a digital portfolio of their work
  • Take a more active role in shaping their education and the content of what they are learning
  • Use technology to produce, rather than just to consume, as innovation comes from production, not consumption
  • Understand the interconnectedness of the subjects they’re learning, so they feel the relevance, meaning, and authenticity of their education
  • Will feel prepared for college and career opportunities in space-related industries
  • Are required to complete an internship in a workplace and subsequently, give a media-rich presentation to the community
  • Work with an advisor to determine how and what they should learn
  • Take traditional formative and summative tests and assessments, whilst undertaking daily peer reviews and exhibiting end products online and in front of the community. All student work is shared, viewed and graded through the digital portfolio.

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