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Space Studio West London recognises that we live in a world where technology plays a vital role in modern business, being part of everything we do from the videos we watch to the food we consume or the way our doctor surgery communicates with us. Therefore, understanding how computers work and learning to use them in a safe and supportive environment is of paramount importance if our students are to be successful in the digital world.

Our teachers enable students to become comfortable and confident users of technology whilst also appreciating its dangers when these are not used appropriately. At the same time, they encourage students to take risks and be critical thinkers through activities that promote self and peer valuation and make connections between different ideas.

At Space Studio West London students learn to solve complex, challenging problems, using skills that they can transfer to the real world and which will enable them to make a positive difference to the lives of others and the environment.

Years 10 & 11

In Computer Science students explore topics such as the internet of things, advances in technology to help patients with dementia or the impact of new developments on the environment whilst also discussing ethical and legal issues. Students study how computers work, for example, the role of the CPU, registers and buses, they learn to write algorithms, find out about network topologies and protocols and use abstraction and decomposition as well as learn to program in Python.

The GCSE in Computer Science (AQA) has two exams which are taken at the end of Year 11. The A’ Level in computer Science (AQA) has two exams and a non-exam assessment. The non-exam assessment encourages students to do an investigative project on a topic of particular interest to them. Some of the projects developed by our students include a booking system for a hair dresser, a website for students to access information on school issues such as their independent study, attendance, trips and grades, an app for booking jobs for a car mechanic.

Students follow the GCSE AQA (8520) Computer Science syallabus.  Students have one 2 hour lesson per week.

Years 12 & 13

Students taking A’ Level Computer  Science follow the GCE AQA 7517 syllabus. Students have two 2 hour lessons per week, one 1 hour lesson and additional study periods.

Computer Science Year 10

Computer Science Year 11

Computer Science Year 12

Computer Science Year 13 

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