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To deliver a personalised approach to science education that enables students and staff to feel confident that they will succeed. Students of all abilities gain practical knowledge of the real world through their science lessons that they can then apply later on in their lives. Our aim is for all students to achieve success in a fun and engaging environment.

We provide a high standard of science teaching through the following:

Students are always aware of what activity they are working on in the lesson.They know what content they are studying and how the material relates to their lessons.

Practical lessons are always an opportunity to teach, learn and receive feedback. There will always be enough time at the beginning, middle and end to capture the learning. Students leave practical lessons with a better “hands on” understanding of the world.

Teachers regularly use response marking in order to provide students with feedback. This is done often to ensure that we are quickly identifying when students are struggling with the material so students can feel confident in their learning.

Students will always have enough independent study work in order to succeed outside of lessons. We feel that learning needs to happen both inside and outside the classroom. Students learn the best when they are given the resources to take charge of their learning.

Students will know where and when they can find their science teacher outside of lessons in order to receive additional support. In a small school environment, there are many opportunities for students to interact with their teachers in order to advance their learning.

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